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  • EAF arc furnace

    EAF arc furnace

    An arc furnace USES graphite electrode to input electric energy into an arc furnace. Electric energy is used as heat source to adjust the atmosphere in…

  • LF ladle refining furnace

    LF ladle refining furnace

    Conventional ladle refining furnace equipment including: LF, VD, VOD is currently the world's most widely used equipment, refining outside the furn…

  • VD/VOD


    VOD vacuum refining furnace and VD vacuum refining furnace equipment structure is basically the same, the main difference is that a VOD refining furnac…

  • Ferroalloy refining furnace

    Ferroalloy refining furnace

    Ferroalloy electric furnace including deep reduction furnace melting points and ferroalloy refining electric arc furnace, arc heating, equipped with th…

  • Arc furnace

    Arc furnace

    Ore-heating furnace, mainly used for reducing the smelting ore, carbon reductants and solvents and other raw materials. It mainly produces ferrosi…

  • Electrode extension

    Electrode extension

    Electrode, as a conductive material in electric furnace smelting, has a specific relation with the consumption of electric work. In smelting furnace el…

  • Dust removal system

    Dust removal system

    The dust removal system is used to solve the pollution sources of the flue gas of the electric furnace. The design refers to the relevant standards of …

  • Auxiliary equipment and furnace fittings

    Auxiliary equipment and furnace fittings

    Auxiliary equipment and furnace fittings


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